Sort my list of build agents (light UI tweak)

Now that I’ve got my org setup, we have a solid list of build agents (> 10). What I’m missing is a way to sort the list on I’d really like to be able to sort the list by platform, test group, or it would be great if I could add a label to a build agent for the purpose of sorting (or other organization level tasks).

What do you mean by “build agent”?

Apologies. I’m not sure what you guys call the “builder” of a project. We call them “build agents”. I think in Xcode they’re called “Bots”? I’ve attached an image. Essentially, the list of repos being built in the dashboard view that I see when first logging into Our list extends beyond this one page.

So the use case is that I want to quickly sort so that all failing build agents are at the top. Or all Android build agents are at the top. Or any with a given label. So on and so forth.

Ahh, you’re talking about the dashboard! Totally makes sense, although what you see on the dashboard are not agents or builds, those are your Projects/Apps, in top-to-bottom order by recent changes (e.g. when a new build starts in one of your projects that project gets to the top of the list).

For clarity, agents/builders are assigned to your builds automatically, on demand, based on the subscription related to your apps (e.g. if you have a 2xPRO subscription with 2 concurrencies, that’s similar to if you’d have 2 build agents / build runners, shared across all of your apps/projects).

Your idea is awesome, I’m just thinking how we could make this a bit more obvious, so that you can collect more votes :wink:

I tried to summarize this at: Add more filtering/sorting and customizability options to Dashboard/Project list page

Let me know what you think about it - if you agree with that, we could close this feature request and you could add your vote & comment there.

Ah… totally makes sense (build agents vs ‘projects’). Maybe some simple titling on the Dashboard could help with that understanding? Anyway… your clarifying post is perfect. I’ve already up voted.

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Great idea, just add it as a comment to Add more filtering/sorting and customizability options to Dashboard/Project list page - I’ll close this request :wink: