Abort multiple builds at once

Description of the feature request

I’d like to abort multiple builds at once.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Sometime I commit a lot of things and push each because I’m working in a team and the other team members needs this commits.
But sometime at the end of a day we need to see the whole result and a final build which is uploaded to TestFlight and Google. (For example)
So it will be really useful to abort all branches until this last deploy one.

Great idea @patrick.bussmann! :slight_smile:

I think these #feature-request s should cover what you described, and both are planned for the near future:

  • Bitrise API - abort build endpoint, in case you’d write a script or similar to auto abort
  • A built in redundant build aborter feature, where you can configure which branches should have only one running build, aborting previous ones when a new build starts on the branch.

If there’s something not covered by these just let me know!

Both previously mentioned features are now available.

I’ll set this #feature-request to auto close in 30 days, feel free to comment in the meantime and I’ll stop the auto close or create a new #feature-request if you’d have any additional suggestions once this thread is closed!

Thanks again for the #feature-request and Happy Building! :slight_smile:

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