Show real name of iOS provisioning profile instead of file name

Description of the feature request

The code signing UI currently shows the name of the (manually) uploaded (.mobileprovision) file, however, the name used for matching while running the Xcode archive step if based on a name property from within the file.
If the name would be shown in the UI it would make it more trivial to use with the “force” settings for the archive step. Currently, this might lead to a lot of trial and error (for me at least).

Here is a script that can show the names (however, the lowercase conversion is incorrect!):

Use case / for what or how I would use it

In the case that the provisioning profiles were manually created, the name shown in the UI would not match the on of the file.
Very relevant: Downloading a profile directly from Apple will have the file name with underscores instead of spaces, so the Bitrise UI shows the underscored version.

Thank you for posting this feature request!