Set a lower timeout for projects

I know that builds have a default timeout based on the tier. But I know that my project doesn’t take more than X minutes to build and when that happens it’s because something is wrong. I’d rather have a setting for each project so the build is aborted sooner.

Awesome idea @alcarvalho! Don’t forget to vote on it! :wink:

Note: a related feature is already on the way, although it was delayed quite a bit now… Basically that you could mark steps on the UI / in bitrise.yml with a timeout parameter, aborting that specific step if it exceeds its max execution time.

This could solve the issue you described, although might require a bit more configuration than just specifying a single timeout for every build of the app. On the other hand this will allow more granular control over the timeout.

Maybe we could extend that with a global timeout and maybe with a per-workflow timeout parameter, to help with non step specific timeouts / max exec time.

What do you think @alcarvalho?

Well, a timeout for each step would already solve the problem, in my opinion. In my experience, it’s usually just one step that’s more time consuming and prone to having these random problems that will timeout the whole build anyway.

Having a global timeout per workflow would definitely be more convenient to setup, but I’d be happy either way and I guess a per step set is more flexible. Looking forward to that feature!

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That’s our experience too, that’s why we plan(ned) to do it per-step, in the build config. Glad to hear you can confirm our speculation :wink:

Me too! It was already started, but we had some technical difficulties and then priorities shifted… Hopefully we can get back to finishing this soon!

Per step timeout was released in the latest CLI (1.9.0) :tada:

Thanks @alcarvalho for creating this #feature-request and for everyone who voted on it! :slight_smile:

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