Scheduled Build not executing - Need help

I’ve defined a scheduled build within the interface, the job is scheduled M-F @ 19:00. The expectations is for the job to run at 7pm.

The job is not executing at any point, I’ve waited 48 hours and no scheduled execution is occurring. To be sure job would run I’ve triggered it manually through the interface, and job works as expected.

Additional question on scheduling, which time zone will be used job. I don’t see it mentioned it docs.

The time zone you’re in. When you set it on the Web UI in your time zone, it’s converted to UTC and stored in UTC, and every other team member will see it in their time zone.

How did you trigger it?

One more thing: are you sure that you enabled it for the right day(s)?

Excellent on UTC and honoring my machines settings, thank. Might be worth noting in docs.

On other, yep have a look at my schedule. I had two pictures, one depicting the overview of schedule but I’m too newb to have two uploads in a post.

I trigged the build with this button

Can you please check your Activity page and see if you see any build errors at that time when the build should have been triggered?

Something like Build trigger failed

Additionally, did you try to disable and enable it again, or remove the scheduled build and add it again?

This should be a last resort solution of course.

Activity page, good teachings. Missed that in the documentation and the ui. I see the problem. Thank you for the help!

What was the issue? Maybe we could improve something (in addition to the docs of course :wink: )

Embarrassed to say…that said, I did disable/reenable the job after first missed schedule (yesterday)… However last nights actually ran, there was just to much chatter in that channel I totally glanced right by it! Muh’Bad, and ty :joy:

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No problem at all :wink: