Schedule builds: every 2 weeks, monthly, or hourly!


Hello guys,
I searched for “schedule” but can not find any topics similar to my request so I decided to create a new one.
We’re using Bitrise to schedule beta and production builds, but right now as I can see in Build Configuration, I can only schedule build every “1” week, but it’s quite much for our need. Ideally we want to schedule beta builds every week and production builds every 2 weeks.
What do you think about it?


Monthly scheduled jobs?
Monthly scheduled jobs?

Awesome idea @thaiduy, thanks for the #feature-request! :wink:

Note/workaround for now, although this requires quite some config outside of you can use any scheduler, e.g. cron on a VPS, and the Build Trigger API to trigger scheduled builds.



Thank you for your reply @viktorbenei, I will try your suggestion.

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Description of the feature request

It’d be nice to schedule jobs that run monthly.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Infrequent tasks such as updating translations would benefit from running automatically every month.



Feature request
To be able to specify a more fine-grained (cron-like) scheduling.

Use case
Make an API request to a server every two hours.

This might be a bit extreme, but can be an inspiration:



Hey Guys. Any update on this feature request? Our team could greatly benefit from this. Thanks.

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