Running Build's log is truncated and unable to follow

Seems like there is an issue on the front end for the past week(Logs below). This is preventing the console screen from updating for the current build.


TypeError: “w.exec(…) is null”

c application-31ea52d6a54996c84113b9a1be87508ed01cdc8d7050bd4a1fd693f507d617d5.js:6

forEach Underscore

c application-31ea52d6a54996c84113b9a1be87508ed01cdc8d7050bd4a1fd693f507d617d5.js:5

loadLogs application-31ea52d6a54996c84113b9a1be87508ed01cdc8d7050bd4a1fd693f507d617d5.js:6

Angular 6

i vendor-819b132e1f296df991641af5902e2cce55a75e868adadc6d4e888d4ff8e39f5e.js:68

Possibly unhandled rejection: {} vendor-819b132e1f296df991641af5902e2cce55a75e868adadc6d4e888d4ff8e39f5e.js:68:10240

t vendor-819b132e1f296df991641af5902e2cce55a75e868adadc6d4e888d4ff8e39f5e.js:68

Angular 2

a vendor-819b132e1f296df991641af5902e2cce55a75e868adadc6d4e888d4ff8e39f5e.js:68

Angular 6

i vendor-819b132e1f296df991641af5902e2cce55a75e868adadc6d4e888d4ff8e39f5e.js:68

Hi @anvith,

Sorry to read about the problem and thanks for your report. Can you provide a bit more info? Did this start happening two weeks ago then? Is it persistent for every build? Is it happening from an incognito window or a different browser?

It could also be of great help if you’d included a screenshot of these responses you pasted :slight_smile:

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