Rolling Builds cancel Tag Builds that are on hold

Rolling Builds cancel Tag Builds that are on hold

Description of the issue

I have Rolling Builds enabled for
[x] Pull Requests
[x] Pushes
[ ] running builds

After committing to github I also tagged it as a new release.

  • commit hook was running
  • tag was on hold

Then I fixed a minor issue and pushed the new commit on top.

  • Running build was still running
  • Tag build was aborted
  • Latest Commit was queued

The abort reason on the tag triggered build states:

Abort reason:
Automatically aborted via Rolling Builds.


This was on the Android default stack, but I don’t think this is relevant for the hooks and workflow handling.


Did not try releasing / commiting again, but could obviously start a new tag build manually.

Expected Behavior

The description on those rolling builds is not exactly clear on how they affect tags and their builds.

It seems to me that a tag-triggered build should not be cancelled by pushes or pull requests as a tag is not directly related to or affected by pull requests or branches.

I would have expected the new build just to queue and not cancel the tag build.

Hope this makes sense
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Thanks for the issue report @davidmedenjak!

I can confirm that the Rolling Build feature right now only filters by branch, so if a tag build also has a branch info the Rolling Build feature will treat it as a build of branch X and abort it as if it would be just a branch build.

Created an internal bugreport for this too, we’ll try to fix this ASAP and let you know here once it’s fixed!

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Thanks for the detailed description of the issue, @davidmedenjak!

We have just deployed a fix for that, so from now on tag-triggered builds should not be cancelled by pushes or pull requests. Let us know if the issue was resolved on your project too.


I’m hitting into a similar issue where rolling builds are cancelling builds that were manually scheduled or scheduled from a different trigger. I would not have expected rolling builds to cancel builds of a different workflow, so I created this feature request: Rolling Builds specific to workflow

Hey @thon! Just replied on the other thread :wink:

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