Exempt manual & scheduled builds from rolling builds

Description of the feature request

I think manually created builds & scheduled builds should be exempt from build cancel logic. This should be how the feature works, not an option.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

My manual and scheduled builds are getting auto cancelled. I want them to always run. I don’t think it makes sense to cancel manual or scheduled builds.

Thanks @bootstraponline! :wink:

This (to not to cancel builds with same branch but different workflows) would solve this issue too, right? Do not cancel builds on same branch if another workflow is triggered

If I manually start a build then it shouldn’t be cancelled regardless.

Even if it’s the same branch & workflow? Wouldn’t that mean that it’s actually the same thing, something that you want to abort the other build for?

If I’m half way through a manual build and there’s a stream of new pushes to the same branch/workflow then I may be waiting a very long time. This is specially true if rolling builds is enabled.

I don’t see why we’d want to abort a build a user has asked to run uninterrupted. They could be passing in different environment parameters for example.