Restrictions on Creating a Step

Hey there,

Question about creating my own step. My team uses a testing platform called Ubertesters which we upload our Android / iOS builds to. Their API is pretty basic, but I thought it would be cool to explore making it into a step.

Now, I do not work for the company, I would simply be leveraging their publicly available API. Is this OK for me to create this and share with the world, or is it advised against since I don’t own the API?

Hi @Connor.jackson,

Thanks for the question! Sorry about the late reply.

This is completely okay as long as the third party allows it too, we have multiple instances of steps being developed by the community to make Bitrise work more easily with other services. We do have a new program of ‘Verified’ steps, where the submissions have to come from a source affiliated with the service, so the step wouldn’t qualify for that - but wouldn’t be refused out of the library because of this :slight_smile:

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Nice! Thank you for the response and no worries about the timing! Was more of a curiosity than an urgency. :slight_smile:

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