Private Bitrise steps?

I have a custom workflow that I’m looking to move into a Bitrise Go step for performance reasons. Is there support for publishing private steps?

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Hi @bootstraponline,

Thanks for asking this here! :wink:

Publishing, no. But using, yes.

You’ll have to use the “direct git clone” reference (something like git::GIT-CLONE-URL@BRANCH - examples: in your bitrise.yml. Other than that, the only thing that matters there is that the host should be authenticated for accessing that private repo. E.g. if you use an SSH git clone url, you can have the private step after the Activate SSH key step, if that activates an SSH key which can access the private step repo.

There’s no magic here, if you use a git:: style step reference that means that the step will have to be git clone d from the specified URL.

That said I’d suggest you to not to use private step repos. It’s way easier both short and long term to have the step repo as a public repo, and simply provide the secret/private infos as inputs of the step, in your bitrise config (bitrise.yml).

If you have any questions just let us know!