Backup all the build scripts

Hi there,

is there a quick way to backup all the build scripts that I have created?

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Hi @ThorstenBux,

What do you mean by build scripts? Do you mean the build’s bitrise.yml config? If yes, you can get that manually from the Workflow Editor, in the bitrise.yml section. The bitrise.yml is also stored for every build, the one the build was running with, you can check that on the build’s page (Build’s Bitrise.yml button, above the logs).

To iterate over all the apps, that’s not possible yet, but will be soon, once the related endpoint is finished in the Bitrise Public API. Related discussion:

If you have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile:

Yes I meant the bitrise.yml file per project. And I’m aware that it is possible using the Workflow Editor but that is tidious for 15 projects to do that manually.
Looking forward to the API.

Any release date?

No release date yet, but shouldn’t take long :slight_smile:

Forgot to update you here: I’m happy to announce that the API is available @ThorstenBux

You can find the details at:

Sorry for the late notification here and Happy Building! :slight_smile:

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