How can I get GitHub to show Passed for a skipped selective build?

We have a section of our build tree that has documents and assets that shouldn’t trigger CI when we modify them. That works great with the Selective Build option added a few months ago. We also have our GitHub repo set up so that only builds that pass CI can be merged.

If we change a document and create a PR, GitHub shows “Expected — Waiting for status to be reported” forever, rather than “Passed”. Thus we have to do an “administrator override” to merge the change.

Is there a way to have the Selective Build always return success, so that GitHub is happy? (FWIW, this was how BuddyBuild implemented their similar feature…)

Thanks! Michael


Hi @eggheadgames,

Unfortunately there’s no built in option for this right now. Can you please formalise this as a #feature-request ? That would be the fastest way to get this feature implemented :wink:

Created as a feature request here: Report "Passed" to Github for a selective build that has no action

If you read this far and like the idea, please go to that link and “Vote” at the top left. Thanks!

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Thanks @eggheadgames - I think it’s clear and makes sense, did vote on it :wink:

We’ll close this thread and update the #feature-request one as we progress.

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