Trigger selective builds based on diff, instead of touched files

Description of the feature request

Suppose I enable selective builds for ./A/* . In my PR from my branch into master, I only touch ./B/index.js . At some point, I do a merge commit of master into my branch to update my branch. I’m getting commits that touch ./A/index.js , but the commit produces no diff with master.

In that case, my build is triggered anyway, even though there is no diff on ./A/index.js .

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I would expect the selective build to not trigger Bitrise since there is no diff with my target branch.


You might say “you should do rebases and you won’t have this problem”. Unfortunately, I can’t ask my whole organization to proceed only with rebases. Also, I’m sure we won’t be the only ones facing the problem.

It might be a feature on Github’s side, but I don’t know what API you use to determine the selective builds.

Little update: I was totally wrong. Current behaviour is already relevant.

I was confused because I had a look at pull requests that were initially targeting other branches, but that were edited to then target master on which there was no diff (and the builds were no longer triggered).