Renaming a workflow is ambiguous

Description of the feature request

Renaming a workflow from the drop-down menu when in the workflow editor only allows you to edit the name of the workflow you are currently in. In addition, there is a strict regex in place which you only learn about if you edit the name in the bitrise.yml editor; otherwise you are stuck with an unclickable tick box when in the GUI with no reason why.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Whilst editing a workflow in the editor, if you click the list of workflows the “RENAME” option appears next to the workflow name. I think this option could easily be exposed to all visible workflows.

I would also add some hints and/or error text whilst renaming a workflow; particularly when some characters are entered that do not confirm to the existing regex, which presently stops you from saving the name change but gives no reasons why. (unless you are in the bitrise.yml editor)

I would also consider relaxing the regex for workflow renaming because you cannot have regular brackets () or spaces currently, for example.

Thanks again for another valuable feature request, Luke! :smile:

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