Add ability to sort / reorder workflows in the Workflow Editor



Currently workflows when created via the website are ordered by creation date. I would like to have the ability to sort them alphabetically or the ability to reorder them via the website.

The workaround today for reordering is to modify the bitrise.yml file directly which is painful and I’m always afraid I would mess up the the file on accident.

Sorting of Workflows

Thanks for creating the #feature-request @thon ! :wink:


This would be a nice quickwin imho. For me it would already be really helpful if the dropdowns of the Workflows would be sorted in the frontend. Just went through a bitrise.yml and manual sorted it, which feels a bit awkward :wink:


I definitely agree, and it’s on our roadmap to make it easier, although I personally try to push hotkeys+searchbar for quickly switching between workflows instead of ordering them. Something like “Ctrl+k” would open the workflow list / switcher, with a filter input - type in a few chars of the workflow hit enter and you’re done. Roughly :stuck_out_tongue:


I found a way to re-order workflows, via small “hack”.

By renaming workflow, it will end up last in the list. But we don’t have to actually rename it. See the steps :point_down:

  1. Change anything in workflow so SAVE button appears
  2. Select workflow and click on RENAME, don’t change anything, just press ENTER
  3. Now this “renamed” workflow will end up last, do this to other workflows, in order you want to sort workflows.
  4. Hit SAVE and refresh page :tada:

You welcome :nerd_face: