Read step.yml from private repository ( workflow editor)

Description of the feature request

Right now, if you include a step via the git:: import feature from a private repository, the workflow editor cannot read its step.yml to show the inputs and outputs of the step. I’d like to be able to use the editor normally for private steps included from private repositories via git:: protocol.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

To be able to use and easily manage a private custom step on a workflow without needing to have an internal company discussion about public repository usage, or to use steps which have low or no value to users outside the originating company.

Hey @Avincel,

Thank you for the feature request! Can I ask why you need to use private steps in your workflows? We consider that antipattern currently but would be interested in your use case.

If it’s a security consideration, I suggest having the source public but defining any confidential information as secrets in your config.

for my case, because of the reported issue of Git Clone step, where if you merge request from a private repository in GitLab the step fails.

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