Private step shared among organisation

Hi Bitrisers,

Devs from my organisation where wondering whether it’s possible to develop custom step that is private and only accessible in our organisation’s workflows.


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Hi @milosz,

There’s no such thing as private step in general. There are possibilities like storing the step in the repo and running it from there, as well as to just point it to a public git repo (can’t be private, unless the SSH key works for that repo too) - related docs:

But in general treating steps as privates is considered an anti-pattern. The suggested method is to have it as a public repo, but remove every private info from it and instead get those private infos as inputs of the step. That way the code can be public and you don’t store any private info in the step’s repo, the private infos are provided for the step as inputs, when you configure it.

If you have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile: