Publish button is disabled due to `You need to setup publishing at the Settings page` error

We are trying to use the Ship add on for publishing our app to iTunesConnect (App Store). I do believe all the necessary steps are taken but the publish button is disabled and I see the You need to setup publishing at the Settings page. at the top of the Build page.

I don’t see how I can setup publishing; there are no such options in the Settings page.

Screenshots are attached.

Can we get some help on this one? Can’t seem to make it work and that is preventing us from doing automated app store uploads.


Hi @guvenatsixtostart! You should see a header that’s cut off from your screenshot on all Ship pages, that contains this Settings button in the right corner. Please let us know if this isn’t appearing for you for some reason.

Hello @bitce, thanks for the reply!

Yes, the Settings button is there and I have put in all the settings that is required. I don’t see any warnings/errors in the settings page however it seems as the build details page doesn’t allow for publishing.

Attached the screenshot.

I see, sorry! I misunderstood, this are exactly the settings the error is referencing. Based on this screenshot the issue is the missing provisioning profiles.

hmm we don’t deal with provisioning profiles directly, we let the automatic signing step take care of it. Do we need fixed provisioning profiles for using Ship?

The your builds can still use AutoProvision, but unfortunately for the submit process Ship needs access to the provisioning profiles which need to be uploaded to the Code Signing tab.

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