Promote a build to the front of the Queue

Description of the feature request

In the same way that you can “Abort” a build you should be able to “Promote” a build that would push it to the front of your build queue.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

This would be extremely helpful when you have a large queue, usually of test builds, and you need to push a production build to the front of the queue. Currently you can abort and re-trigger all of the builds ahead of it in the queue, but this is time consuming clogs the queue with a ton of “aborted” builds. It would be nice to be able to trigger a build like normal and then “promote” it to the front of the queue without affecting the builds that are already there.

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Thanks for the feature request!

I think this is a duplicate of Add priority into build queue - let me know if you disagree.

I agree that at it’s heart the idea of wanting to bypass long queues is similar, but I think our feature request is different in that it is much simpler and therefore easier to implement. That feature request would like a full management system for build priority integrating into specific workflows and such. Our request would be a ideally be a simple “promotion” of a single build to the front of your queue with one button click and possibly a confirmation such as when you abort a build.

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You’re right. I just found this one, I think this is really close Ability to move a build's priority in the queue

I agree, I think that request is similar enough to our own! Thank you for the link.

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