Add priority into build queue


Description of the feature request

Add a priority field for indicating how a build should be managed.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

In our processes, we have to run Unit Tests when a PR is updated. Thus we have created a dedicated workflow in our app : “UT”

But we also have other workflows for letting internal users to ask new builds, for example : “PROD”

With a FIFO process, if UT builds have been triggered first, they could block PROD builds whereas PROD is more important and should be run first. I don’t find a reliable solution for now. In the meantime, we abort UT builds for running requesters’ build.


Ability to move a build's priority in the queue

Currently we build every PR and the Merge. I’d like to build more often such as every branch, giving us the full CI even before a PR. But the PR/Merge builds are very important, and I rather that occur before building all other other nice to haves.