Produce pretty tests reports with the "Gradle Unit Test" step (same as "Android Unit Test")


Description of the feature request

Apparently the “Android Unit Test” step produces nice test reports which are browsable online (see here :

Why not make “Gradle Unit Test” do it as well?

The reasons why “Android Unit Test” is not a suitable solution for my team are :

  • It seem to require one step per module => So it does not take advantage of gradle parallelization capabilities (and builds may become waaaaay longer)
  • It is not possible to run a gradle command line like “gradle testAllMyModules” in this step but it rather needs a manual build modification each time a new module is added to the project (which is error prone)

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Visualizing in a an online user-friendly report the reason why a build step “Gradle Unit Test” may have failed


Separate exporting test results for Test Reports from test steps as an independent step

Thank you for the feature request! :upside_down_face:



Hey, I looked into the “Android Unit Test” step (here : and the good news is most of the code should be reusable to make the “Gradle Unit Test” test-add-on compatible !

It’s the first time I read GoLang but from what I grasped, algorithm is :

  • Find all report_path_pattern/TEST-*.xml files
  • Build unique export directory names from those files
  • Add some Json description files
  • Export them into $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR
    Let the test-add-on do the rest of the magic.

Given that “Gradle Unit Test” also produces TEST-*.xml it should be feasible !