Achieving 90 min build time without getting 3 concurrency


Our build time are huge and would like to use bitrise but the next tier after 45 min is directly with 3 concurrency (elite) and is too pricey. Any help with getting it for a single concurrency.


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Hi @sgdevops, :wave:

Sorry for the delay in our reply! Unfortunately, our concurrency based plans have a hard limit of either 45 minutes or 90 minutes when it comes to build time, and there is a minimum concurrency you need to purchase as well. :disappointed: Not sure what your budget is, but we have recently introduced a credit-based plan, which is usage based.

The Velocity plan is for teams that need additional flexibility, capacity or performance. Build when you want, how you want: there are virtually no restrictions on the minimum or maximum parallel builds and the virtual machines available are faster than those offered on our other plans. Plans are usage based, providing you with credits you can use to select the right machine type per workflow.

If you’re interested, you might ping our Sales team here: Our other plans are also available here: Plans and Pricing.