Pre installed tools?

is it possible to have a set of pre-installed tools on the machine instead of installing them every time the build starts? We initiate build process on every pull request, and each time a set of tools needed for build is installed. Having them already installed would save us couple of minutes on each build.

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In case of Linux stack you can use custom docker image:
Additionally for any stack you can make a PR to appropriate repo (for docker image or macOS bootstrap) to add new tool to be preinstalled on Bitrise stacks.

Thanks for your answer, in fact we are using macOS machine for iOS builds.
The problem with the tools we use is that they are modified for our needs (or they are of specific version) so they won’t be universal, and I guess this is the requirement in case of tools added to the stack.
I’ve just read about Enterprise plan and private cloud, I guess this is the only way it can be done.

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Thanks for your help, @koral!

@maciej.czupryna.dazn I also just wanted to let you know that MacOS virtualisation comes with it’s own difficulties (touched upon here: Docker | Bitrise DevCenter).
Also what we offer isn’t just private cloud anymore, but a dedicated build platform :wink: : Customizable enterprise build platforms | Bitrise DevCenter

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