Option to Auto Retry/Rebuild When Build Fails

Ability to set option to auto-retry a build when it fails

For several cases, we have observed that Xamarin Android builds fail to find the proper SDK & then fail the build. However, a simply rebuild will fix the issue in most cases.

Hello there!

Thanks for the feature request, also we found out that this issue is not happening on the Previous Hybrisd stable channel stack! :upside_down_face:

I think instead of doing a complete rebuild a step retry option would be better, as that would take less time.

Would that solve the issue you’re referring to @natedykens, if you could mark a specific step to be retried instead of retrying the whole build?

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I am not sure if this would work or not, but we could try.
The reason I say this is because when I have the same issue locally (with Visual Studio) when trying to build, I have to close entirely out of the the solution/application & restart for it to work.
But I guess if all your builds are run via command-line, then I suppose it could work.

Thanks for the details!

We have a card in our backlog to allow retry on step level.

I think that should help, but if you want to test whether it would you could copy/duplicate the related failing step and then specify a run_if: .IsBuildFailed for the copy, which means to only run that step if a previous step would fail. Docs: https://devcenter.bitrise.io/tips-and-tricks/disable-a-step-by-condition/#running-a-step-only-if-the-build-failed

Hello @viktorbenei
Do you know if this evolution is scheduled for a release?
And if yes, in how much time do you think we’ll see this in production?

Hello there, I checked and this task got into the “ready to sprint” status 2 days ago, if everything goes well it should be released in the following weeks. :upside_down_face:

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Hey I just wanted to chime in here that a “retry step” feature would be great! We frequently have our “flutter build” step time out, and typically re-running the build works. I’m not sure why it times out, but having it automatically time out and retry would save us a lot of manually clicking “re-run” when this happens.

Is there an updated timeline for this feature?

Hey there @maxlapides!

No update yet, this is something still in progress, but will update you as soon as anything substantial has been implemented! :slight_smile:

Any update about this feature request? is it available?


Waiting for this feature too.

I really REALLY want this feature at all… (like Bitbucket pipelines for example)
Is there a update for this request?