One Mac Mini - Multiple isolated projects

Any suggestions how to build up a local CI/CD system (bitrise cli) for one physical machine (best mac mini with 64GB RAM)? Requirement: Should support multiple projects in parallel that must be isolated from each other. I thought on using VMs but maybe there is a more elegant solution. (I don’t think that hosted bitrise is using the VM approach).

Hi @ogezue,

Just to clarify, on Bitrise your builds run in VMs and by purchasing additional concurrencies your builds can run in parallel. Can I ask what the reason is behind staying with the on-prem approach?

Hi @daniel,
thanks for your answer. I think 90% of my projects can use but I also have projects where cloud is forbidden (medical, banks, …). Here I need a onPremise solution and I would like to have the same configurations like on and benefit from one CI/CD-Framework.
It would help me if I can understand how Bitrise is setting up their system. Challenge is that this projects are independent from each other - teams should not influence each other and data must be kept private.

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