Using bitrise CLI and/or bootstrappers to set up local dev environments

Is it possible to use the Bitrise CLI and/or bootstraps (ex. to set up developer environments to have parity with the Bitrise environment?

The bootstrapers seem to be set up to install to VMs but it would be nice if we could leverage these to stay “Here, run this script” and have it download and install specific versions of files to match what the code will ultimately be compiled and tested with in bitrise rather than say “Here is a long list of instructions and links to files to download and install” and rely on every developer to remember to check the latest list of versions in the system report and go track down the correct versions of frameworks and tools.

Hello @michaelhope-ifit :wave:

Are you talking about matching your local working environment with what is available in Bitrise?
You can check the exact specifications of these stacks here: at master · bitrise-io/ · GitHub

You can check out which one you need and then recreate the environment locally.

If it is the other way around, you’d like Bitrise to have the environment pre-made the way you have it locally, that is not exactly possible due to the nature of the Virtual Machines, since they all start from a determined state which then can be modified if needed, during the build.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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