Offer download list of test devices from Organization's groups/people pages

Description of the feature request

Currently, to get the list of test devices for my organization, I have to select an individual app, go to the Team page, and then I’m able to download a list of test devices specific for the application selected. If I go to the Organization page and click on an individual owner on the left-hand side bar, I’m able to see the list of devices of that user. However, if I go to the People or Group tabs of the Organization page, even as an Org owner, I can not tap on the profile pics of users to see their test devices like I can with the owners on the left-hand navigation & I also can not download the list of all test devices registered by members of my organization.

The ask would be this:

  1. Anywhere there is a profile pic, I should get the same click behavior. Since I can click on profile pic’s of owners and see their registered test devices on the left-hand navigation of an org, I’d expect to be able to do the same when going to the People or Groups tabs in the Org profile since they look like the same UI element

  2. As an org admin, I would like to be able to download the list of all test devices registered to users in my organization. It would also be nice to get this as JSON and the JSON to include the user’s group membership.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Use case for this would be to allow organizations to easily find the list of test devices for their automation purposes. While many would probably want to get the list from the app’s Team page to ensure outside contributors are included, the first thought of an org admin would be to check the org page’s people/groups.

Thanks for the feature request! :upside_down_face: