GET /repo_owner/apps

Description of the feature request

New endpoint GET /repo_owner/apps. Retrieves all apps owned by an organization. This is similar to GitHub’s org repo list API.

GET /orgs/:org/repos

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I’d use to audit repos for an org. Currently this requires retrieving all my apps (GET /me/apps), exhausting pagination, and then filtering based on the repo_owner key.

Definitely planned, and I voted on this as well :wink: Thanks @bootstraponline! :slight_smile:

Hey @bootstraponline,

We’ve recently released this feature and we’ve just updated also the DevCenter docs, here you can find the case when you’d like to fetch the repos for a specific oragnization and also there is an option if you need the applications by user :wink:

Notice: we deprecated the /me/apps endpoint, so now you can use /apps instead, but the first one will also work for a while

Happy building :muscle: :slight_smile:


Awesome. I love all the new features. :slight_smile:


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