Need Fastlane v.2.43 for HockeyApp fix (fastlane)


Would it be possible to support fastlane version 2.43 please (released approx. 19 hours ago). Fastlane’s HockeyApp upload step was failing and a fix is in 2.43.

Please see

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

Here is an example of a failing build:


This issue is resolved

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Glad to hear you solved this @juliancmg! :slight_smile:

For future reference, in case someone would be interested in the solution, please see the description of the fastlane step:

  If `Gemfile` exists in the `work_dir` directory, fastlane will be used by
  `bundle install` && `bundle exec`.

  Otherwise the system installed `fastlane` version will be used.

This means, that if you use the ruby Gemfile & Gemfile.lock in your repository to specify & install the required fastlane version on your Mac/PC then that will be used by the step automatically and the version specified in the Gemfile.lock will be used.

Otherwise the system installed version will be used, which of course can be used, the same way you would on your Mac/PC:

As mentioned there, if you simply need the latest fastlane version every time the fastlane step has an option for that too :wink:

If anyone would have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile:

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Wow. What an informative response! Thank you very much @viktorbenei! Setting to latest for now but appreciate the note on using the gemfile. Will do that if I ever run into something like this again.

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Any time :wink: I definitely suggest you to check out Gemfile if you use Ruby, but if you’re less familiar with Ruby / with bundler and Gemfile then that might be a bit of overkill, and maybe a simple gem install (as described here: How to use a specific version of fastlane?) is easier to maintain.

Gemfile is definitely the best solution IMO, but only if you do use that locally too :wink:

Thank you Viktor. I ended up pushing a gemfile to use with our repository for cases like this.

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Glad to hear, Happy Building! :slight_smile: