Could not locate Gemfile: exit status 10 -Fastlane iOS

I’m trying to run fastlane step, but i keep getting Gemfile not found error :

e[34;1mExpand WorkDire[0m
e[32;1mExpanded WorkDir: /Users/vagrant/gite[0m

e[34;1mEnsure cookies for Apple Developer Portale[0m
e[33;1mFailed to activate the Bitrise Apple Developer Portal connection: %!s(MISSING)
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e[31;1mFalied to fetch portal data from Bitrise, error: Response status: 404 - Body: {“error_msg”:“No Apple developer account found for this build.”}

e[34;1mDetermine desired Fastlane versione[0m
Checking Gemfile.lock (/Users/vagrant/git/Gemfile.lock) for fastlane gem
Gemfile.lock defined fastlane version: 2.121.1

e[34;1mInstall Fastlane with bundlere[0m
e[32;1m$ bundle “install” “–jobs” “20” “–retry” "5"e[0m
Could not locate Gemfile
e[31;1mCommand failed, error: exit status 10e[0m

The similar configuration works fine for another application which run on same stack.
xcode 10.1.x on macOS(Hight Sierra)

Hi @Nineetha-Attunuru-Bo,

Can you please send us a build URL related to this issue?

Hi, the issue was fixed by manually adding script steps to install xcov and danger gems - Thanks.

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Hy @Nineetha-Attunuru-Bo

I’m glad to hear you found a solution!

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