Step Fastlane uses an unwanted version

I have an issue with fastlane 2.68.0+ (I have already informed them).

The step fastlane installs the latest version of fastlane even if I set Should update fastlane gem before run? to false.

I can not run my builds because of that.

Build for reference :

2.68.1 is used because that’s the system preinstalled version on the Xcode 9.2 stack. It was upgraded when the Xcode 9.2 final stack was created (the betas had a lower one).

From the log:

e[34;1mUsing system installed Fastlanee[0m

e[34;1mFastlane version:e[0m
e[32;1m$ fastlane "--version"e[0m
fastlane installation at path:
fastlane 2.68.1

So the step is correct, it does not upgrade the fastlane version, 2.68.1 is the preinstalled on the Xcode 9.2 stack. Related changelog: Xcode 9.2 final is now available!

To use a specific fastlane version please see: How to use a specific version of fastlane?

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile:

Hi @viktorbenei,

I understand and thank you for your accurate answer.

Is there anyway to tell the step fastlane to use a specific version of fastlane even if a newer version is installed.

Because I have set in the Gemfile of the repo that fastlane should be lower or equal to 2.67.0 but it still uses 2.68.1

Make sure that you also have a Gemfile.lock, which is generated when you do a bundle install or bundle update in the directory (where the Gemfile is).

Also make sure that the Gemfile and Gemfile.lock are in the same directory, and are in the directory where you run the fastlane step from.

If you need more help with the Gemfile based setup please copy paste the build’s URL, without that it’s hard to tell anything more specific :wink:

Alternatively you can use a Script step to install the fastlane version you want, as described at: How to use a specific version of fastlane?

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