# Monthly release of Bitrise CLI tools and summary of updates (Oct)

We ship a new bitrise cli version on the second Tuesday of every month.
The new release will be available on the bitrise.io
virtual machines on the weekend after the CLI release,
unless we discover any serious bug/regression.

Read on to learn more about this month’s Bitrise CLI release and about the changes around Bitrise tools and steps.

New version of Bitrise CLI (1.23.0)

1. Tools update

  • envman version bumped to: 2.1.0
  • stepman version bumped to: 0.10.4

2. Default plugins update

  • workflow-editor plugin version updated to: 1.1.33

3. Go dependencies update

New version of Stepman (0.10.4)

  • Go dependencies update

New version of Envman (2.1.0)

  • Go dependencies update
  • Fixing a regression issue

If envman config ($HOME/.envman/configs.json) defines 0 (or less) for env_bytes_limit_in_kb single environment item’s value size is not limited. If env_list_bytes_limit_in_kb is set to 0 (or less) the environment list size is not limited. As the functionality was working before v2.

New version of workflow-editor plugin (1.1.33)

  • Add React Native as recognized project type
  • Change quay.io URL
  • Fix syntax error in GitHub changelor create

New steps

  • bitrise-to-appscan 0.2.4
  • stamp-appicon-with-version-number 1.1.0

Step updates

  • amazon-s3-deploy 3.5.7:
    • removed the unnecessary is_sensitive input options
  • deploy-to-bitrise-io 1.3.18:
    • removed the unnecessary is_sensitive input option
    • fix: trim space from th deploy path input
  • deploygate–upload-app-bitrise-step 1.0.1:
  • expo-detach 0.9.2:
    • fix: fix some typos
  • github-status 2.2.2:
    • removed api_base_url sensitive input option
    • removed the unnecessary is_sensitive input option
  • heroku-deploy 0.11.0:
    • Update force push option
    • Add option to force push to Heroku repository
  • ios-auto-provision 1.2.0:
    • removed the unnecessary is_sensitive input option
    • support paralell step run
    • Fail fast if main target missing
    • do not process duplicated targets
  • slack 3.1.0:
    • restoring Slack Webhook URL input and also supporting Slack API token input.
    • URL fix
  • virtual-device-testing-for-ios 0.9.2:
    • set BITRISE_TEST_BUNDLE_ZIP_PATH as default value for zip_path
  • xcode-build-for-simulator 0.9.2:
    • dep: update the xcode-project dependency
  • xcode-build-for-test 0.2.0:
    • improve output export
  • xcode-test 1.18.17:
    • Xcode 10 screenshot export fix

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