Monthly release of Bitrise CLI tools and summary of updates (Jun)

We ship a new bitrise cli version on the second Tuesday of every month.
The new release will be available on the
virtual machines on the weekend after the CLI release,
unless we discover any serious bug/regression.

Read on to learn more about this month’s Bitrise CLI release and about the changes around Bitrise tools and steps.

New version of Bitrise CLI (1.17.0)

1. Secret filtering updates

Issue fixes around secret filtering.

2. Tools update

  • envman update to version 1.1.14
  • stepman update to version 0.9.43

3. Default plugins update

  • init plugin updated to version 1.0.4
  • step plugin updated to version 0.9.8
  • workflow-editor plugin updated to version 1.1.17
  • analytics plugin updated to version 0.9.13

4. Go dependencies update

New version of Stepman (0.9.43)

Go dependencies update.

New version of Envman (1.1.14)

Go dependencies update.

New version of init plugin (1.0.4)

Go dependencies update.

New version of step plugin (0.9.8)

  • Go dependencies update

New version of workflow-editor plugin (1.1.17)

  • Step desctiption (short/long) behaviour updated on the UI

New version of analytics plugin (0.9.13)

Go dependencies update.

New steps

  • deploy-to-itunesconnect-application-loader 0.9.1
  • generic-file-storage 0.9.0
  • ionic-prepare 0.9.0

Step updates

  • activate-ssh-key 4.0.2:
    • it will clear the SSH Private Key from envs after activation of the key
    • it has been rewritten in Golang
  • android-build 0.9.4:
    • set variant filtering to be selective
    • print commands
  • android-lint 0.9.2:
    • printing commands
  • android-unit-test 0.9.3:
    • printing commands
  • appcenter-test 0.9.1:
    • NEW INPUT: additional_options - Additional options for test run (thanks to @tbrushwyler)
  • appetize-deploy 0.9.0:
    • it has been rewritten in Go.
    • platform input removed. The step figures out the platform of the provided file.
    • for iOS, provide a .zip or .tar.gz file containing your compressed .app bundle or the .app bundle. For Android, provide the .apk containing your app.
    • if the given file’s extension is .app the step will create a new .zip with the .app bundle and use that for upload
  • change-android-versioncode-and-versionname 1.1.1:
    • versionName regex fix
  • cordova-prepare 0.9.2:
    • cordova install fix
  • deploy-to-bitrise-io 1.3.12:
    • public_install_page_url_map_format input added.
    • with that, you can change the format of the BITRISE_PUBLIC_INSTALL_PAGE_URL_MAP output.
    • just specify the output pattern with golang template:
  • deploy-to-itunesconnect-deliver 2.14.0:
    • NEW INPUT: Skip App Version Update? thanks to @jync
    • typo fix in step.yml
  • flutter 0.0.4:
    • improve macOS support
    • update Flutter version to 0.4.4
  • generate-cordova-build-configuration 0.9.5:
    • NEW INPUT: automatic_provisioning - Enable to allow Xcode to automatically manage provisioning profiles
    • step definition update
  • install-missing-android-tools 2.2.0:
    • added NDK install if no any installed
    • major code re-base
  • ios-auto-provision 1.1.2:
    • NEW INPUT: generate_profiles - Should the step try to generate Provisioning Profiles even if Xcode managed signing is enabled in the Xcode project?
    • in case of Xcode managed codesigning projects, by default the step downloads and installs the Xcode managed Provisioning Profiles.
    • if this input is set to: yes, the step will try to manage the Provisioning Profiles by itself (like in case of Manual codesigning projects), the step will fall back to use the Xcode managed Provisioning Profiles in case of an issue.
    • This input has no effect in case of Manual codesigning projects.
    • Check certificate expiration date
    • dependency update
  • project-scanner 1.6.4:
    • dependency update
  • random-quote 3.0.3:
    • fixed joke string escaping
  • sign-apk 1.2.1:
    • Signature algorithm name postfix fix.
    • Update tags
    • bitrise.yml update
  • sonarqube-scanner 1.0.3:
    • update default scanner version to
  • xcode-archive 2.4.8:
    • step.yml input fix
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