Monthly release of Bitrise CLI tools and summary of updates (February, 2018) - CLI v1.13.0

We ship a new bitrise cli version on the second Tuesday of every month.
The new release will be available on the
virtual machines on the weekend after the CLI release,
unless we discover any serious bug / regression.

Read on to learn more about this month’s Bitrise CLI release and about the changes around Bitrise tools and steps.

New version of Bitrise CLI (1.13.0)

added self update

  • Show if CLI update is available
  • New subcommand: update
  • Update is accepting an exact version number

added functionality of exporting the directory of the current step

  • Now you will be able to use side-load assets for the step because BITRISE_STEP_SOURCE_DIR ENV now will be exported with the root source directory of the currently running step.

tools update

  • envman update to version 1.1.10
  • stepman update to version 0.9.38

default plugins update

  • workflow-editor plugin update to version 1.1.11

go dependencies update

New version of Stepman (0.9.38)

go dependencies update

New version of Envman (1.1.10)

go dependencies update

New steps

  • app-center-launch-test-android 1.0.0
  • set-android-manifest-values 1.0.1

Step updates

  • android-manifest-info 1.0.2:
  • apk-info 1.4.0:
  • bitbucket-snippet-runner 1.1.1:
    • the snippet will be downloaded and run in the same shell as the one that called it
  • bitrise-run 0.9.1:
    • fix source and git urls in step definition
  • cache-push 2.0.5:
    • cache BITRISE_CACHE_DIR by default
    • fix: single file caching
  • change-android-versioncode-and-versionname 1.0.0:
    • NEW INPUT: version_code_offset - Offset value for versionCode, , thanks @koklitheen
    • NEW OUTPUT: ANDROID_VERSION_NAME - Final Android versionName in build.gradle file, thanks @koklitheen
    • NEW OUTPUT: ANDROID_VERSION_CODE - Final Android versionCode in build.gradle file, thanks @koklitheen
  • deploy-to-itunesconnect-deliver 2.12.0:
    • NEW INPUT: app_password - make use of application-specific passwords, thanks to @BerniWittmann
  • git-clone 4.0.7:
    • in case of manual merge clone pull/x/head branch then merge instead of cloning the pull/x/merge branch
    • set inputs to read-only
    • fetch tags when cloning a tag
    • unshallow repository if merge failed when depth is set
  • google-play-deploy 1.4.1:
    • removed deprecated inputs: service_account_email, key_file_path
  • gradle-runner 1.8.2:
    • fix gradlew path detection
    • fix: gradlew command call
  • hipchat-v2 1.0.1:
    • step.yml updates
  • install-missing-android-tools 2.1.1:
    • install support repositories and missing packages
    • removed unused root_build_gradle_file input
  • ios-auto-provision 0.9.7:
    • fix for the project codesign settings update
    • input validation fix
    • use DevelopmentTeam target attribute if DEVELOPMENT_TEAM build settings not found
    • mention if older version of certificate provided
    • enterprise distribution fix
    • step input reordering & grouping
  • ipa-info 1.1.0:
  • resource-archive 2.0.1:
    • add -L option to the curl command call to follow redirections
  • slack 2.6.5:
    • better default messages
    • even better default messages
  • sonarqube-scanner 1.0.2:
    • use both and scanner-properties provided by Bitrise - #3
  • virtual-device-testing-for-android 1.0.1:
    • added warning of empty APIBaseURL, updated step input description
  • wait-for-android-emulator 1.0.4:
    • updated boot status check calls
  • xcode-archive 2.4.6:
    • fix: custom export options validation
    • don’t validate if output dir is exist
    • input validation update
  • xcode-archive-mac 1.6.2:
    • do not require archived-expanded-entitlements.xcent in macos archives
  • xcode-test 1.18.11:
    • typo fixes
    • escape spaces to underscores in project name
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