Monthly release of Bitrise CLI tools and summary of updates (April, 2017)

We ship a new bitrise cli version on the second Tuesday of every month.
The new release will be available on the
virtual machines on the weekend after the CLI release,
unless we discover any serious bug / regression.

Read on to learn more about this month’s Bitrise CLI release and about the changes around bitrise tools and steps.

New version of Bitrise CLI (1.5.6)

  • Switch Bitrise Data Model’s (bitrise.yml) format_version to one component version number.

  • Added project_type property to Bitrise Data Model - defines your source project’s type.

  • bitrise.yml format specification update.

  • Dependency updates:

New version of Stepman (0.9.30)

  • step-info command fix in case of git type step: if step version not specified, stepman only does a git clone, instead of force setting master branch in clone.
  • better error messages in step-info command
  • logging updates

New version of Workflow Editor (0.9.8)

  • Issue fixed when bitrise.yml has step defined as step-id: instead of step-id: {}
  • Confirm popup dismissed via escape key - handled as confirm popup’s “no” button
  • Inputs that are not recommended to be changed - changing disabled on the UI
  • Git step handling added
  • Local step handling added
  • On step version change, warning added about inputs not available in the new version
  • Minor UX bugfixes (fixing issue #63)

New steps

  • set-ios-product-bundle-identifier 1.1.0
  • tslint 0.0.4

Step updates

  • install-missing-android-tools 1.0.1:
    • use gradle command, when finding compileSdkVersion or buildToolsVersion fails through build.gradle file parsing
    • use go-android packages to manage tools across sdk versions
    • go-android update
  • fastlane 2.3.9:
    • updated type_tags
  • github-status 1.0.3:
    • unit tests
  • project-scanner 1.1.3:
    • do not fail if no platform detected
    • common xcode scanner for ios and macos projects
    • step version updates
  • android-sdk-update 1.0.2:
  • xcode-test 1.18.2:
    • New retry pattern added
  • codecov 1.1.4:
    • Fixed CI workflow
    • Updated type_tags
  • wait-for-android-emulator 1.0.1:
    • use go-android packages to manage tools across sdk versions
    • go-android package updated
  • start-android-emulator 1.2.1:
    • updated go-android
    • use go-android packages to manage tools across sdk versions
  • create-android-emulator 1.1.1:
    • NEW INPUT: tag - The sys-img tag to use for the AVD
      • default
      • google_apis
      • android-tv
      • android-wear
    • use go-android packages to manage tools across sdk versions
    • go-android updated
  • google-play-deploy 1.2.1:
    • untrack blocking apk versions in progress
    • Workaround for google api’s issue
    • Added project_type_tags
  • xamarin-test-cloud-for-calabash-ios 1.0.0:
    • NEW INPUT: work_dir - Directory of your calabash features
    • NEW INPUT: gem_file_path - Gemfile path
    • go toolkit support
  • nunit-runner 1.2.0:
    • Added build_before_test option
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