Maintainability tools

Hi i m looking for tools like FauxPas or Sonar to add in the workflow. FauxPas is a little bit too expensive for my company so i m looking for something else.

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We don’t have steps for either right now, but you can integrate with pretty much any service through e.g. a Script step, and calling the service’s API (with e.g. curl), or if the service has a CLI tool using that. More info/related docs:

If you want us to create an integration step for a specific service please create a feature request in the #feature-request category, or create your own build Step and share it with others (docs: )

Yeh i thought about that but i thought it would be better to have everything on the bitrise server.
Thx anyway :smiley:

Sure, definitely and thanks for asking this here! :wink:

If you miss something feel free to create a #feature-request with as much description as you can provide :wink: