macOS project auto provisioning


Hey, I have a macOS project that I’m trying to set up to run unit tests. I had uploaded the development certificate and provisioning profile in the Code Signing tab but the Xcode Test for Mac step failed with:

Provisioning profile "Mac Team Provisioning Profile: xxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx" doesn't include the currently selected device "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

The selected device in question appeared to be the one used to run the tests on Bitrise. Of course my provisioning profile doesn’t have it. And I can’t possibly know all the devices that could be used by Bitrise to run my tests. So I assume I need an auto provision step.

I didn’t find a macOS auto provision step but tried iOS Auto Provision with App Store Connect API, reasoning that iOS and macOS projects provisioning work the same way. However this yields the error:

Checking development provisioning profiles for 1 bundle id(s)
No profiles for platform: macOS

Am I heading in the right direction? If I can’t provision automatically, is there a manual alternative?

Or is there a way to run the tests without requiring provisioning?