Macos code signing issue

Hi all,
i’ve an issue in archiving build and upload it to TestFlight , my app is macOS desktop app.
in Xcode Archive for mac step it generates error : " error: exportArchive: No profiles for ‘’ were found", However i was successfully uploaded the app twice to TestFlight from Xcode , also i’ve uploaded all provisioning profiles and certificates in Code signing & files.

Build Url:

Hi! The error in the build log comes from Xcode and says that the installed certificates and profiles do not match the project settings for app store distribution.
Upon checking the code signing files in your project, it looks like there is an error with the app store profile that none of the uploaded certificates appear in it. This could totally explain why Xcode did not find matching singing files.
It looks like you have uploaded 5 code signing certificates and 3 provisioning profiles. You should not really have fewer provisioning profiles then code signing certificates because the profiles need only a single certificate.
I suggest you check this and and make sure you have a provisioning profile matching the certificate and clean our the stuff you don’t need for the code signing.

By the way, our team is now looking into how we could streamline the code signing experience to make it more accessible and easier to understand. Would you be open to meet with us and talk about your recent experience?

@pilvikala Thank you for your quick response!
I’ve regenerated and updated all the provisioning profiles and certificates , by checking the created provisioning profiles in the Apple Developer account found that each profile has one certificate provided in the certificate section, but still the same error appears " No profiles for ‘’ were found " !!
Build_URL: Build

@Spokn it looks like an issue with xcode project settings. Can you open a support ticket? Our staff should be able to help you.
Also, there’s an email address in my profile here. You can send the ticket ID to me and I and one of my colleagues will reach out to set up a call.

@pilvikala Done :+1: i’ve opened a support ticket and sent you the number.
Thank you :pray: