Looking for an endpoint to wget builds from as a workflow step


I’m working to optimize the test environment I have setup with the iOS and Android builds I’m deploying to Bitrise. For manual testing, we use the links in the Artifact’s and App’s section of each build. In order to run the UI tests as a workflow step, we need to also have this build available to download directly. When I tried to link the download button on the Artifact’s and App’s section, I discovered this link changes between builds. So I’m looking for another alternative.

What I’d like to do is hit an endpoint that stays consistent between builds. Is there something in your Artifact’s and App’s section that allows for this? Ideally, I’d be able to do a simple wget -O my_build.app https://www.bitrise.io/artifact/some-consistent-build-endpoint that points to the particular endpoint for each build (QA and staging).

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Thanks for asking this question here!

Unfortunately we don’t have an API for that right now, the best would be to add this as a comment on the related feature request at: https://bitrise.uservoice.com/forums/235233-general/suggestions/10577118-full-api

Hey Viktor,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll be sure to add the comment on the related feature request.

Happy New Year!

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Thank you @_bison and Happy New Year! :tada: :slight_smile: