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on my previous company we had a build system based on jenkins that would give us a url with direct download link for the apk and ipa files like this:

Right now on bitrise, the direct download link has a different id on every build and a token that expires.

this would be very useful for our test automation system since we could download the latest build of the app without changing any urls


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Hi @jpita, thanks for the #feature-request once again!

We do have similar ones already though, what would your thoughts would be on a system where URLs are updated by build number for example? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @bitce,

yes, it is the same feature, a static url that doesn’t change based on build number, just based on branch and app name/project



I’ll close this #feature-request here then, and would like to ask you to comment in the other thread instead, as that has a higher vote, which means it’ll get to our “queue” sooner, and adding this feature (per-branch url) to that one should be a relatively simple task once we’re working on it anyway :wink:


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