Lint task failed, error: exit status 1



I’m new to the company’s Android project. I made all the settings that were recommended to me, including the settings related to Bitrise.

The link to my GitHub and Bitrise account is ok.

However in the Build process I still get the following problem: “Lint task failed, error: exit status 1

More precisely, this is what is being presented in Bitrise:

Other point…

even with my GitHub account linked to Bitrise, on the build page I keep getting the message “Unable to send build status back to GitHub.

Can anyone help me with this? At least with the Build problem.

Thanks in advance for your attention.



@bitce @Roland-Bak can some of you help me with this issue?



I discovered the real problem and consequently the solution.


in fact I had one of the project’s layouts running straight from the debug variant.

Therefore, at the time of generating the production version (of the main variant) via Bitrise, the layout that was in the debug variant was not being found.

With Android Studio, apparently, it is okay to have files in different variants being referenced in any other variant than the original variant.

However for the CI / CD tool this is important (and obvious).

The solution: I migrated the layout file from the debug variant to the main variant (in my case there was no need to create a copy of the layout). So the build was successful.


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