Discrepency between Andoird Lint and Build steps with same config - build failure

Hello people!

edit: added ref to project for bitrise folks: https://app.bitrise.io/build/48ff6b7c8b9170cb

I have Android Lint and Build steps configured the same way:

- ProjectLocation: tools/some-android-project
- APKPathPattern: 
- AppPathPattern: */build/outputs/apk/*.apk
- Variant: debug
- Module: app:collector
- BuildType: apk
- Arguments: 
- CacheLevel: only_deps
- DeployDir: /bitrise/deploy

This is printed by both the lint and build steps. Linter works fine, build step fails :cry:

Failed to find buildable variants, error: module not found: app:collector 

Looking at the source code, I see:


Esentially the same, they use the same mechanics to determine appropriate task to execute for the appropriate task.

I double checked locally after a git clean -fdx that I have assemble and lint tasks for the module as well. An excerpt from the output:

> gradlew tasks --all

I’m confused. Why do I get the error on assemble task but not on lint? What do I do to work around this issue?

You can use Gradle Build step as a workaround.

Yeah, well… As a workaround it might work (couldn’t get it to work yet). Will keep trying, though I’m not a big fan of workarounds. I started off with the Android build project template and it kind of hurts my OCD that I need to use different steps than what was provided for me by default.

In general, where do people usually report bugs?

Hi @juliusk9! Are you still looking for assistance with this or were you able to figure it out? Thanks