Android lint runs every night. How can I track progress?

Jenkins has a lint plugin that allows me to see the number of lint warnings and errors over time. Is there anything like that for bitrise?

If not, are there any third party tools I can use with bitrise to make this happen?

Hi @coltonidle,

Nothing built in. Is this just the number of warnings & errors? Or any other info?

Also, where would you like to see the results? On the build’s page?

@viktorbenei I really don’t know what the best thing would be. This is my first CI, but so many people in the Android community setup CI for 1. Lint 2. jUnit tests 3. Espresso tests 4. Any other static analysis tools

I’m just at a loss for how to give my team visibility. Am I supposed to use another service for this? Is there a step? Espresso tests seem to be something you have as a tab for. I can see a nice little test result for that. Which is great. But when I run ./gradlew lint I have no idea how I see it, and how do I see that I’m making progress.

Like I said before, is there another service that bitrise integrates with? I know theres codecov or stuff like that.

I think the most valuable feature is a number of new issues (e.g. warnings) since previous build (it seems that in case of Bitrise it should be limited to the same workflow). Here is a screenshot of Warnings plugin, but the same applies to lint:

There are also charts:

Yep, in case of reports like above, the results belong to build (of the same workflow).

Great ideas, thanks for the feedback @coltonidle & @koral!

@coltonidle right now the suggested solution is to run ./gradlew lint, e.g. via the Gradle Runner step, then deploy the report it generates using the Deploy to step, by setting the appropriate path in Deploy to step (set the dir path where the report is generated, and enable the compress option: ).

That said, an Android/Gradle lint step is in the works as we speak, which will do this automatically (exporting the report so that no additional config is required), keep an eye on #changelog if you’re interested :wink:

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