Lint step takes too long

How come running the Android lint step is so slow? When I run ./gradlew lint locally, it takes a few seconds to complete, but on bitrise, its been taking somewhere between 1 min and 3.4min which is really long. Is there a way this can be optimized or fixed? I barely have 2000 lines of code in my codebase. It definitely shouldn’t be taking this long

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Hi @voben!

Can you send us an example build URL where Lint takes so long, so we could check out the logs? :slight_smile:

Here’s a build url where its happening and lint take 3.5 mins. Let me know if you can’t access it.

Hi @voben!

I’m really sorry about the delay in getting to your issue. We are currently migrating to a new system in order to be able to assist you better in the future.

In case this is something you’d still want us to investigate, please send us a copy of the terminal output while the same commands being run locally through the CLI. Due to the possibly sensitive nature of this method, this issue might be better suited to handle through our on-site Support from instead of a public one.

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