Large build numbers overlap commit hash

In our case, our Android versionCode is over 1 million, and we’re using the Bitrise build number to increment the versionCode automatically.

On the Bitrise website in my version of Chrome on Mac (Version 65.0.3325.181), the build number overlaps the commit hash which makes the build number hard to read.

We use this part of the UI to trace a bug report on a version with a specific versionCode back to the commit that produced the build.

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Wow, how did you get that large build number? :scream: JK although curious :wink:

On a more serious note, thanks for reporting, I’ll create an internal bug report and link this thread, we’ll try to fix this ASAP and update you here! :wink:

Yeah, I feel the same… :slight_smile:

We inherited a codebase that was already that high, and the versionCode needs to keep incrementing to allow for installing updates.

The original code that led to the number starting so high was this (extremely conservative?) line in build.gradle:
versionCode versionMajor * 10.power(6) + versionMinor * 10.power(4) + versionPatch * 10.power(2) + versionBuild

I’ve since changed that to use Bitrise’s build number exclusively as the versionCode, which meant I had to set the Bitrise build number to start at one higher than the previous release of this application.

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Definitely get it @Jhuston, and thanks for reporting! Even if this is not really the most frequent use case ( :wink: ) this is a UI issue/bug and so should be fixed - thanks for highlighting it! :slight_smile:

Hey @Jhuston,

Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for reporting.
The issue is fixed. :wink:

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Thanks, this makes a difference for us!

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