Keychain logging from firebase

I have built a workflow to run which builds for the simulator then runs pytest. Pytest actually runs well, and the steps to send_keys to the username/password fields work, but I am unable to login because of some key chain error.

In my certification step, it runs without error and the same as my other workflows. However, I cannot log in for the error shown in the photo. We use firebase to log in, and am wondering if that is not playing nice to bitrise builds. If I build out of bitrise, it works fine.

 - CertificateURL: https://con***5e3
 - CertificatePassphrase: 
 - ProvisioningProfileURL: https://con***9d6
 - InstallDefaults: yes
 - DefaultCertificateURL: https://s3-***p12
 - DefaultCertificatePassphrase: ***
 - DefaultProvisioningProfileURL: https://s3-***ion
 - KeychainPath: /Users/[REDACTED]/Library/Keychains/login.keychain
 - KeychainPassword: ***
Default Certificate given
Provided Certificate count: 2
Default Provisioning Profile given
Provided Provisioning Profile count: 3
Keychain (/Users/[REDACTED]/Library/Keychains/login.keychain) does not exist
 Checking (/Users/[REDACTED]/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db)
Downloading & installing Certificate(s)
Downloading certificate: 1/2
Downloading certificate: 2/2
|                                                                              |
| āœ“ | certificate-and-profile-installer                             | 7.59 sec |

Hi @RyanCrandall! Sorry to hear about the issue. Can you please include a build URL to a relevant build where the issue is happening?

I finally fixed the issue here, but it turns out that in the BUILD FOR IOS SIMULATOR step has CODE_SIGNING set to false by default and in the UI there is no way to change this, so I never noticed.

Please Iā€™d recommend changing this to prevent further issues like this happening. Essentially my code has to add CODE_SIGNING=TRUE as an extra option afterwards, but I should have the option to change it.


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