Keychain issue only with bitrise builds is my helpdesk ticket so staff will be able to see.

I have the issue where on my workflow:
I uploaded my certificate and profile
I created a certification step to verify my certificate and profile and keychain, which it finds the keychain in ~/Library/Keychain/Keychain.db and compiles successfully
I created a step to setup appium and pytest
I created a step to run pytest and pytest runs perfectly, but I am unable to log into my app because of a firebase authentication error, but only on bitrise builds.
I created a build for simulator step, which I install on the simulator and opens.

“An error occurred when accessing the keychain. The @c NSLocalizedFailureReasonErrorKey field in the @c NSError.userInfo dictionary will contain more information about the error encountered”

I have been googling like crazy this error, but no matter how it seems to go, I cannot get the bitrise build to see the keychain correctly. Has anyone had experience getting the keychain to work on bitrise builds?

I finally fixed the issue here, but it turns out that in the BUILD FOR IOS SIMULATOR step has CODE_SIGNING set to false by default and in the UI there is no way to change this, so I never noticed.

Please I’d recommend changing this to prevent further issues like this happening. Essentially my code has to add CODE_SIGNING=TRUE as an extra option afterwards, but I should have the option to change it.

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