Issue with BitBucket PRs triggering too many builds in combination with Bitrise not cancelling previous PR builds


I have two issues that when combined are pretty annoying.

1. Cancel Pull Request builds option is turned on but yet, i have 4 simultaneous builds running for the same PR

Bitrise Response:

Hey there Brandt, thanks for your patience!

Does this happen on the same workflow? If so, could you please turn rolling builds ( on and off? That should solve it :slightly_smiling_face:

2. I just enabled a bitbucket web hook and noticed that every time I edit the description on a pull request another build to test the branch is started.

Bitrise Response:

Hi Brandt,

I just checked and updating the PR Description should not trigger a build, however I noticed that when using BitBucket it does trigger the build.

When I tested this on GitHub changing the PR Description did not trigger the build so this looks like it may be a bug with BitBucket.

I have raised the issue with the team.



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