Duplicated (doubled) builds


Description of the issue

In my project there is only one trigger - Pull request trigger (from any target branch to any source branch)

Somehow on create pull request/update on pull request there are always two build started.

If Bitrise was not building at the moment - it shows that there are two the same builds running on the same time (Screenshot 1)
When Bitrise is already busy - it stops one of the duplicated builds, but sometimes the newer one is stopped so BitBucket is thinking that the CI failed (Screenshot 2)

I am on Developer plan - I supposed to have one parallel build. But somehow, two same builds are running at the same time. Account status on Bitrise shows - Build running 2 / 1


Where did the issue happen?

My Bitrise project, Developer plan.

Which build Step causes the issue and which version of the step?

It is not connected to the build steps.


Always in my project on Bitrise - with every pull request create/update on PR.

The problem continues since like one month ago.